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  1. NOTE : You don't have to record to apply for the server. NOTE : When applying, if you're going to record, please list your youtube channel.
  2. NOTE : Double applications are being accepted, but teams will be void. EDIT : Alliances WILL be allowed for pranks and stuff.
  3. I'm not going to be going into too much description, just going to put some rules up. 1. No PVP. (Battles are allowed, but not allowed if without the jurisdiction of whoever you wish to fight.) 2. You are allowed to randomly kill for revenge, but are not allowed to steal items. 3. Please refrain from using the Minions mod, it corrupts maps. So, that's all! Good luck when applying. Application : IGN : First Name : Skype : About you : Why you want to join : Comments? : NOTE : Only accepting 2 players.
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