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  1. I just wanted to give a quick update on this subject. As I'm sure you all know the Aether crew released their hot fix and got the mod running again. I'm not sure what the hell I downloaded before but it wasn't a .jar file so there's no telling. I did download the mod after the new release and added it to by Tekkit pack. I checked for conflicts and didn't find any. It seems the Aether II mod is already compatible with Tekkit. So that's pretty cool.
  2. Here's hoping. I haven't gotten the chance to play the Aether mod yet and it looks like a great addition to the game.
  3. I had read about that and watched an update video they posted but weirdly enough I was able to download the mod using my phone, I couldn't do it with my PC though. Maybe there's something wrong with the file I downloaded. I'll just have to try again once they've released their hotfix. Thanks for the reply and for trying though!
  4. Hello guys and gals! So my issue is that I'm trying to add the Aether 2 mod to the tekkit pack. I thought I would just move the .zip folder over like you do most mods but once I had done that the game crashes as soon as it gets to the Mojang screen and then the launcher comes back up. I know it has to be something pretty basic that I'm screwing up but I can't figure it out and google hasn't helped either. Here's the latest crash report, hopefully it'll make sense to one of you guys. Thanks for any help you guys can come up with. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Oops. Time: 8/9/14 1:34
  5. Very cool, thanks for the info. I knew I was just missing something simple. I added Millénaire tonight and ran into a similar problem but I was able to figure that out.
  6. So I'm using Tekkit 1.2.9 and I was really missing the Mo Creatures mod. I did some research and found how to get it to run within Tekkit but I found a few compatibility issues. The video I watched said that mysticraft caused issues so you had to delete it and change some values in the Mo Creatures settings. Here's that video by the way: http://youtu.be/DVyrW9Xqo1M After I did that I was able to get Mo Creatures working but I ran into another, kinda weird, issue. I killed a wolf and instead of getting fur from it I got an upgrade manager from logistic pipes. Turns out that those two mods use
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