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  1. Yes, did the research and confirmed - it's Galacticraft oil. So many new things (for me) in this mod. Thanks to all for the helpful advice in how to deal with it too.
  2. Ugh, my apologies for not testing this out more thoroughly beforehand. While I was taking screenshots and toggling between creative and survival mode, I discovered that the surface "holes" are actually SLUDGE. *face palms* So that's one mystery solved. But I still have no idea what the "black water" in my mine shaft is. When I scoop it in a regular bucket, it looks like regular water and is identified as water. Burbles like lava, though, and can't really see it very well. Is that how the Galacticraft oil works?
  3. I'm honestly not sure if this is a bug or if it's part of a mod, but researching this subject hasn't yielded me any answers yet. My map is dotted with what looks to be random void holes. It's definitely not a chunk loading error... or at least not the type I've seen before. The first time I came across one, I watched a cow approach the edge and turn into steaks upon entering. Later I was tunneling downwards to do some branch mining and while hearing the sounds of what I thought was lava, I broke the wall and out came... void water? (Sorry, no screenshot.) Basically, it came out in the sa
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