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  1. Fusion-Labs Tekkit IP: or Rules: No Griefing No Spamming No Hacking Be Respectful to Staff and Players Server Information: Fusion-Labs Tekkit has no disabled or removed mods and has many anti-griefing plugins. These include, Grief Prevention, No Item, Tekkit Restrict and LWC. Features that we offer now and intend to offer soon include, player shops, resource world and a creative world. We also look forward to hearing player suggestions for more features. We aim for 24/7 up-time. However, we can not guarantee it. Events are soon to come too! Staff: Currently we have three active staff members, Owners: enginekid92 wes81796 Head Admin: dragonmaster358 Senior Admin: buffmaniam Mod: boomersgalore Banned Items: REP: Bypasses PVP restrictions Crystal Chest: Causes large amounts of server lag DM Pedestal: Can cause a number of issues with the server