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  1. I was looking for a bas and flew into a bad chunk or something. Every time i try to log on it crashes my game. It only happens when I try to connect to Scallywag.
  2. Name: StuB0b Age : 30 Country: Texas Skype: I do indeed Teamspeak: Ummmm donuts! (nope) Streaming or Uploading: No but I will totaly help those that are. I am a builder, I love building and no detail is to small when it comes to building. I consider building an art form and I am indeed an artist. I also like to adventure and explore but my first love is building.Don't get me started on how cool carpenters blocks are! I read the rules, I don't mind small jokes or even light pvp, I just do not enjoy the servers that seam to draw people that only live to destroy.
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