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  1. Age:15 Skype:Irooldice Do I record: No but I can Are you a builder Redstoner or all of them :All Builder:7-10 If accept will you be active: Very I will play 12hrs A day on weekend's but maybe three 3 hours on weekdays if in school Will I donate:Yes Will you help the community:Yes Why pick me: I feel as If can be a productive Part of the community that wont aggravate Someone else or piss them off Are you Willing to Participate / Fund community builds:Yes
  2. Skype : Irooldice MIc;Yes Age:15 Gender:Male No youtube Cant run a server ave lack of knodlge on how Ign:Irooldice I prefer to be in a community that will thrive and enjoy having me apart of it Knodlge of Pack :A lot of it
  3. Ign:Irooldice Why me: Cause I feel as if I can be a productive and helpful part of your community I specialize In Microblocks Tinkers construct and flans I Usaly Build and explore in minecraft
  4. Ing:Irooldice Age:15 Gender:Male Skype:Irooldice Email:[email protected] Specialty:Tinkers construct,Galatic craft,Micro blocks Country :Usa Main Belief:Dont Grief WHy whitelist Me:I feel As If I can be a prodtuctive and active part of your community that'll Help others
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