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  1. Currently in testing/initial release phase. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Hello and Welcome to True Grit my first modpack which is built for minecraft 1.7.10 First and foremost this modpack has some memory requirements. Try to set your ram allocation as high as possible for best framerate, but 1 or 2 gb should be enough to run the pack! (I run minecraft with 12gb dedicated and every modpack runs like butter, let me know how this runs for you if you run less ram!) This is a medium weight modpack aka not crazy large there are currently 102 mods according to Forge. I started with the idea of making a modpack for a friend and myself to play with that revolved around a couple core tech mods. These are Mekanism and Thermal Expansion 3 (Resonate Induction would be here as well, but it currently has some crashing issues which is very sad since it looks amazing). I then decided to add some fun exploration content to make a of hybrid hack n slash with the minetech mods. To do this I added in ruins, infernal mobs, dungeons pack, hardcore ender expansion, and twilight forest. To make travel easier I added in some fun mods like ropes+, and telepads. While Minecraft has good travel already with horses these two mods can create great amount of fun and utility. For example with Ropes+ you could create a zip line through the jungle or over that pesky valley right next to your house, or create a temporary rope ladder by tossing a grappling hook. All in all I think this pack should be a lighter weight successor to popular mod packs like Tekkit/Hexxit or Ultra Modded Survival patch 1.4.6c. Since this modpack contains a lot of mods which are still in flux, there is higher than average potential of there being bugs. That being said, I think it still runs fine, but you occasionally get some messed up world gen & freezing while the world generates. Mods I shall be adding in the future once they get properly fixed/completed will be: EE3 (doesn't have working Minium stone last I checked) Resonate Induction (has a few missing textures that cause crashing) Ars Magica (alpha build & unstable) Thermal Ducts (Thermal Expansions Ducts) Mystcraft (closed alpha/beta phase currently) Mods Currently Included in this modpack are: Advanced Genetics Applied Energistics Armor status Hud Battle Towers Buildcraft ChickenChunks Chisel CodeChickenCore CoFH Core CoFHLib ComputerCraft Damage indicators Dungeon Pack EnchantingPlus Ender IO Ender Storage Extra Cells Extra TiC Fallen Meteors Forge Galacticraft Hardcore Ender Expansion IC2 API Iron Chest Infernal Mobs Inventory tweaks Magical Crops Metallurgy 4 Minefactory Reloaded NEI NetherOres Obsidiplates Open Blocks Project Red Redstone Arsenal Roguelike Dungeons Rope+ Ruins Simply Jetpacks Telepads Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation Tinkers Construct Tinker's Mechworks Translocators Treecapitator Twilight forest WAILA Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones edition VoxelMap Server Download Additional mods *I am open to suggestions here, but am mainly looking for a good RPG mod, or creatures mod to help diversify the enemies* P.S. Amplified Terrain would be amazing for ziplines Changelog: V0.2 released 10/2/14 -Removed Iguana Tweaks: Made most tools unusable except for tinker's tools -Added in a few more mods ----Battle Towers ----Chisel ----Extra Cells ----Fallen Meteors ----Iron Chest ----Roguelike Dungeons ----Simply Jetpacks ----Tinker's Mechworks ----Twilight Forest v.01 released 10/2/14
  2. Oh thats fantastic. I was having major issues till I put the max perms modifier in the normal minecraft launcher that seemed to fix a lot of them. Anyway good luck with your modpack looks like a fun pack.
  3. I got it figured out after mucking about in the mekanism forums thanks tho! I am a fan of your modpacks, can't wait to see what you cooked up. I also figured it out after looking into the mekanism forums. Turns out it was a common issue and I just didn't look deep enough. That's the problem with 1.7.10. Its an alpha and beta minefield of instability/unusbility
  4. Sweet, that was the ticket, you're the man Amaxter! (or woman if applicable)
  5. Hello all, I'm new to the modpack creation scene. I just got the intial version of my modpack out and working it is at (mainly for included mods): Here is the crash report when I try to run the server. Any ideas how to fix it or what I did wrong?
  6. Well put together, I understand the frustrations of getting a modpack together for 1.7.10 because I am attempting to do something similar. One thing I noticed is you have Mekanism in there, how did you manage that? For me it just crashes prior to minecraft even popping up .
  7. Yeah, its my minecraft character's face. I am just trying to figure out how to link it to the main website so that (for example) when I +rate a mod it will show my face, rather than the default steve face.
  8. Hello all, Quick question. How do I go about changing the face that displays when I am logged into the main website (technicplatform). From what I was able to find (most of it was over a year old) it seems to have to do something with minotar. With that being the case I figured out the link for my character, but can't figure out how to change it on the main website. Link to avatar thing: Thanks in advance! Nelriana