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  1. Hi, I would like to ask you for your opinions... Im searching for modpack that contain: - Lot of technic ones, like Industrial craft, galactic, etc. - some magic like magical crops, thaumcraft, etc, - some extra dimensions like dimension doors, mining world, etc - some modified ore veins, not like vanilla, but some huge deposits like, - game version if possible latest as possible - maybe some quests - some encounter fights too, like battle towers, infernal mobs, castles or something with rewards, etc - decent dificulty I tried to look there but I cant find the fi
  2. Well I tried to do something on my own. Now I am on phase, where Minecraft Client just stopped without any crash or conflict log. http://pastebin.com/WHHLYKu2 Do you have any ideas why this happens? On second run without any changes it works.. Could you please look at this and clarify me why this happens? Is that just an random error?
  3. Well, I started to completing modpack... Got this: http://pastebin.com/qpAWFyfu Could you please write me a little tutorial how to resolve few of those conflicts? Config files are in config folders but not for all current mods. Thank you and have a great weekend
  4. ok thanks and how do i make config for that fixing purposes?
  5. Well I tried to figure it out, but I do not have file you named.. IDConflict.txt.. Game start loads but after several sec it crashes, so I identify it as block conflict, well its also named in description.. Ok I have found that dumping. One question, it's better to fix conflict while im still searching for mods, or should I first make sure I have all mods and then try to fix conflicts?
  6. Hello, played some modpacks and in every was some good ones, but it lacks something from the other ones. Im doing 1.6.4 modpack and im checking game after few new mods added. Now im at situation where it crashes before loads. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 1970 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding [email protected] This is conflict between some mods. So how could I find which slots are open? Where I should edit which slot it use? I dont have now any configs and I dont know to modding at all
  7. I also thought about conflicts, but I haven't found anything wrong.
  8. Well, I guess i have found all mods i want. After adding few more dependencies It crashes. Here is crash log: http://pastebin.com/NSrCtE2x Here is ForgeLoader log: http://pastebin.com/8SyaJygM Could you please look at this and tell me what is wrong? Thank you
  9. Ahh ok so... Im not shield user anyway
  10. Ok thanks. I cannot find some mod versions for 1.6.4. Can I use 1.5.2 version in 1.6.4 game?
  11. Thanks this is more helpful than I expected, I guess there comes last question probably. How to fix conflicts? Except from removing them?
  12. So, how hard will be adding some more mods into current modpack for totally unexperienced user? I hope you or someone else help me
  13. Ok Ill try to add some mods this way, btw log files 700+ megabytes? Okay, fixed some duplicate errors, i was blind copying some mods twice but now minecraft says there is missing mod applied energetics-core, more in log.. So here is log: http://pastebin.com/xZUtWMKU Browsed serendipity, and tekkid modpack for some clues, but I havent found anything. I smell some editing now, right? And thanks for helping me //after i got some sleep after work, I tried to find more clues, but I was unlucky. There is in log some dependency, but I am totally unable to find where i can get the Appl
  14. I play Single player so what to do? Just copy them into hexxit folder? Where i can set them to work properly? And no worries, Im not planning to share it.
  15. Hello, in Hexxit modpack is some technical options. Is there a way to add into existing modpack some few more mods, like applied energetics, etc., without making new modpack? If yes, please how? Thanks for replying Have a nice day
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