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  1. Whenever i try to connect, this screen appears. http://gyazo.com/456...084b3fcdd6ab0a3 Also, i am whitelisted so that isnt the issue i dont think. -Thanks Set your attack of the b-team verison to 1.0.10b to do that click on the gear next to the picture of attack of the b-team then select manualy mode and set your verison to 1.0.10b
  2. Ingame name: TropicDino How long you have played mc/b-team: MC: 2 years BTeam: From the biggining. How often you play mc/b-team: Everyday Age: 14 Other information: I want to play on this server becouise i would like to play on a small comunity server and maybe record some fotage.
  3. IGN: TropicDino Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): timxy9 Do you accept the rules?: Yes. Age: 14 Youtube: TropicDinoGaming How active you will be: Pretty much Everyday. I'm still in school so i have homework and other personal things but other than that im good. Why should I pick you?: Well i would like to join becouise singleplayer is not that much fun and playing with others that record is better than anything. I have ben looking for a small comunity server for a long time and joining this server would make me verry happy. I can also help with any server problems that are o
  4. IGN: TropicDino Skype: Will PM if i get accepted Age: 14 Why you want to join: i want to join becouise i want to record AOTB and play with not that alot of people. Experience in the Attack of the B Team mod pack: i have played on 2 servers my own (but no1 wanted to play it anymore exept me) and Keralis' aotb server but there are banned items on it so i dont want to play it that much. Thanks for reading this application <3 -TropicDino
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