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  1. New Server IP has been added, we welcome any new players to the server again! Sorry about the Downtime! :
  2. If you wish you can join my server and the players can all confirm it..
  3. *snip* Ban it! Just a quick note to all server owners!
  4. The old post has been requested to be removed, but thanks for notifying!
  5. Sorry guys something happened! You should all be free to join again!
  6. Fed up of playing them old dull servers where the owners dont care or help you? Fed up of playing a server where its offline all the time? Want a new server where you can play in peace? Want somewhere you can explore the wonders of Tekkit Lite? HBG is a new server with active and very helpful staff! We are always improving the server to your demands! All staff play legit too! - Factions - Toggle PVP - Raiding - Few Banned Items - Helpful Staff - No Whitelist
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