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  1. Me and my friend are trying to do all the achievement's , first we are starting with the minecraft ones's but we don't know how to do the one with the picture of lapis, it says achievement.pigbossonearth?
  2. Ill be inviting people to the server on Wednesday because im going on vacation but everyone check there pm's and to make it easier for me pm me your Skype name and ill get you in faster
  3. It says I cant message you , because you cant use the messaging system
  4. I started this server a few days ago , Its a small community , But I wanted to know if any one would like to join us the server wont be up every day , but it will be up a lot and its all friendly unless you make enemy's. There will only be a few slots open for members . If you want to join please post you Skype name or any way to contact you below and I will give you the ip (Email Addresses Are Accepted)
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