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  1. i have a private server for me and my friends which has been running nice for a month. But when my 4th friend got on the server for the first time he glitched through the ground and couldn't do anything. after a while the server crashed. this happened when i was in the nether and every time i try to leave this is what i see:. This is what i see in the server console:. After being stuck in the black world for like 3 mins i get kicked and it shows: Read timed out. when i want to join my server this shows up: . Thanks for reading and hope for some professional help or atleast someone that is clearly more experienced in servers than me.
  2. So i was making my own server for me and my friends to play on, but every time i make a world it makes a vanilla minecraft world. I have tried to go in the Biomes O' Plenty config and setting biomes to true and i don't know any other way. When i try after that the world just looks like this:http://imgur.com/gallery/Nb5UL0O. What i want is a world with all ores, biomes and etc. does someone have a way to fix this?
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