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  1. I have a server at newavalonmc.com pack info and server info is here
  2. Website || Community Forums Server Address: play.newavalonmc.com Custom Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/new-avalon-the-endless-seas.696119 Our adventure started with Mianite and became so much more, With close emphasis on magic and technology (including Technomancy) we're better than ever before! Server Features: > Hosted in USA in a DataCenter on a Dedicated Server > Online 24/7 > Powerful Land Protection with GreifPreventionPlus (Golden Shovel Claims) to keep your work safe from grief. Simple Clans to forge alliances with friends and a new clan leaderboard site at clans.newavalonmc.com to find where your clain stands in the ranks. > PvP and PvE > Economy: Server Shops and Player Traders; Vote Rewards. > Few restricted items (details below) > Optimized for low lag or none > Quarry's are 100% safe to use in the specialized Resource World that is reset monthly > Class and RPG Leveling System as well as high mob worlds that scale with your level Disabled Mods: None at all (Everything in the pack is open to be used) Restricted Items: Matter Cannon - Applied Energistics - Protection bypass. (Main World) Calcinator - Equivalent Exchange 3 - Ash and dust can be bought at spawn traders. Needlegun - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. (Main World) SPAMR Launcher - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. Sacred Rubber Sapling - MineFactory Reloaded - A huge tree, once placed it takes space to up to 4 regions bypassing protection in the process and causing very low fps to clients. Plastic Bag - MineFactory Reloaded - Item Dupe Bug; Creative StrongBox - Thermal Expansion - Item duplicator. Florb - Thermal Expansion - Protecion bypass. (Main World) Mining Well - Build Craft - Used to grief with RIM. (Main World) Notes: The Nether and End, and resource worlds are wiped once per month to keep resources fresh - so do not build bases there! You can build towns on the main world, moon and mars, we don't know how stable the last 2 are so the main world is the safest for base building. Up to date restricted list can also be found here . Some of our major plugins: Essentials Ban Management - Click Here for Ban Website Buycraft Simple Clans Mineverse Chat PermissionsEX RandomSpawn GreifPreventionPlus Global Market DynamicMap The Community New Avalon MC is a Minecraft Community founded in June 2014, first started with a survival server after a wile we opened our first Ultra Modded Survival server and eventfully moved to making a server based off the popular series by Captain Sparkles Mianite. Now after more a year later we've learned a lot and made significant changes to how the server operates. We try to provide the best possible play experience on a server that rivals many big names in the Minecraft modded community. We also have a community forum where you can post problems on our servers or if you need any help. Staff Applications Minecraft Name: Age: 17+ TeamSpeak Required!!!!!!! Previous Experience: Plugin Experience and Skills: Times available: About You: Join Us! Now some pictures with our Server.
  3. I have am looking to start a server and want to collaborate with someone. I have the skill set needed as i am a server admin by career and also ran a small minecraft server recently.
  4. Sorry guy's we had a huge issue and are down for maintance till this friday We've been restoring from backups only to find that some of them are corrupted so We've devised a better recovery plan and are implementing a few huge changed to our infrastructure as well. more details soon to come. Tomorrow Friday September 26th we will have the server back online at 8Am EST
  5. Sorry it took so long to reply to both your post it's one of the reasons I need a co-admin to help manage things. You are definitely accepted. I sent you an invite on skype.
  6. I am doing a large scale build for my server. I thought I could do it all on my own but I am finding myself getting extremely overwhelmed with the work load while doing other things. I am in need of a talented Staff member or two to join my server. Age restriction for the server is 15 and that's kinda pushing the limit a little. I would like staff to be at least 16. I'm 23 and an IT manager so I kinda have a really professional admin style for most parts but more on the lighter side since this is a game. I need dedicated staff. Looking for talented builders as well. I'd Like to have a few cities build according to lore of the server and even spawn build. Please do not come on the server and complain in chat that the permissions are not setup that's kinda my point. lol. I like to joke around and things so no need to be stiff when in chat. Staff needs to have Teamspeak or be able to do some sort of voice chat for collaboration.
  7. Server IP: play.skiesofavalon.com TeamSpeak ( Required for Staff ): ts.skiesofavalon.com Dynmap: www.skiesofavalon.com:8123 Community Website and Forums (Coming Soon!): www.SkiesofAvalon.com The ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/skies-of-avalon.473287 The Skies of Avalon is looking to offer a unique Minecraft experience. In our community we are....... a community. Not a series or Mods and Staff Monitoring players but All players working towards the same goals fighting the same enemies and Bringing Peace to the world of Avalon and its Outer Realms. In the Skies of Avalon we take on the roles of Adventurers seeking out fortune and prosperity in a world bellow our floating haven Aynia - City of the Bright Vale. As we venture out we will find that Much below is different from what we imagined. We see little resources for magic and thus can travel to Resource worlds called the OuterRealms. Each Outer Realm is named after a deity Such as Theia, Áine, and Earaldir. 1.) Position*: 2.) Real First Name (Never give your last name out online. Ever!) 3.) IGN: 4.) Age* (16 and Above for Staff): 5.) Skype: 6.) Qualities that make you right for this position? 7.) Availability(per week): 8.) Reasons for wanting this position: 9.) Prior experience: 10.) Description of personality: 11.) Past bans and reasons why: 12.) Skills 13.) Additional information (Anything at all including other languages spoken): 14.) Time Zone:
  8. UFCraft Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ufcraft.451060 Server IP: mc.ufcarft.com Community Website: http://ufcraft.com DynMap: http://www.ufcraft.com:8123/# TeamSpeak URL: voice.ufcraft Introduction We are a Small But Growing 24/7 Multiworld Minecraft Server looking to expand our player base and build a community based on friendly and competitive gameplay. Our Server will use a combination of Tech and Magic in a survival environment filled with challenging creatures and dungeons as well as a growing a and continuing "Living-Story" . Our Community We are all friendly and the environment here is pretty laxed. Jokes are fine, as long The ModPack We have created a customized modpack for the server called UFCraft. It is available below and for the time being it is only a beta. I am looking to add an experienced modded to the team to hopefully look through its logs and suggest compatible mods and remove ones that are not needed. Url of pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ufcraft.451060 Plugins mcMMO Multi-Verse (Along with Multi-verse Portals,Nether Portals, Portals, and Sign Portals) MoneyDrop Lockette Essentials (Along with Essentials Spawn, I didn't want the rest We need Essentials for Economy Features) Citizens Bankcraft BattleArena ChestShop Holographic-Plugin HomeSpawnPlus MobArena OpenInv PermissionsEx ScoreboardStats Vault VillagerShop WarpPortals WorldBorder WorldEdit WorldGuard
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