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  1. Block breakers eat power though ;( But thanks for the advice I guess I'll go ahead and make one.
  2. Now I just need to figure out why my terrain smasher stopped and all will be all right with my world again
  3. Solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I can't believe how simple the solution was - I was supposed to attach fluidduct TO THE SIDE of the tank!!!!!!!!! I attached it at the bottom and put it to output... No wonder it kept wasting it all!!!!!!
  4. Wow I tried energized glowstone as a fuel... This just resulted in me ragequitting... The thing is bugged to hell... It just empties the whole 48 buckets of it into nowhere - considering my engines are full and don't need any of it. If I change my tank from output to input at the bottom (none of the other tanks can be changed) it just fills up exactly 23495mb of energized glowstone and stops there. Then the crucible just empties the stuff into nowhere... My terrain smasher also caused my rage quit - it just stopped working on the block in my cobblestone generator. Funny thing it breaks any
  5. First of all thanks for the replies, I find this issue really frustrating but so far I can only attribute it to being a bug within thermal expansion of the tekkit pack rather than an issue with the mechanics. I actually figured it out - the tank at the top when it loses a few points of lava (500 or so - the crucible sends the whole bucket (1000mb to refill it) regardless of how much it actually needs. It is definitely energy efficient, considering netherrack is easy to come by, although while being energy efficient, it is definitely not energy abundant. Here's the math: To clar
  6. Basically I'm mostly using Thermal Expansion so far, I have set up 5 Magmatic Dynamos fueled by lava from 3 tall hardened portable tank (total 48 buckets). The tank is supplied by Magma crucible melting netherrack. Currently all 5 dynamos are filled with lava, but my magma crucible keeps leaking lava to somewhere? It does not fill up itself. Which means it is constantly on - and drains all 400rf per tick worth of energy. I assumed it should stop leaking lava when all dynamos are full and the portable tank is full? But it doesn't?
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