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  1. Yea server still exists but is not up atm. Server is now custom modpack called "Cinchcraft". Will be putting TFC server back up soon with new IP.
  2. Welcome to Cinchcraft. Made by gamers for gamers. This "sword and magic" modpack and server were custom designed by Cinchknight to immerse the player in a magical world, with the help from some popular mods, and some less known but amazing ones as well. The server is preloaded into the modpack and will appear automatically in the multiplayer section of the game home screen once modpack is loaded properly. We are looking for serious players to add to our amazing community. This means the usual rules against griefing, cursing out players/staff, etc. If you think you have what it takes join u
  3. We are a new TFC (TerraFirmaCraft) server looking to grow our player base. We have a wide array of your favourite plugins, along with great staff. IP:
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