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  1. ive checked that link and that place looks like a lot of fun i checked the recipe for the portal and it appears i need some unstable ingots too for it (i'll make the nuggets instead of the ingots cause like u said their unstable and will explode!) i got the cobble but not those i need something called a division sigil to make em how do i get a sigil?
  2. i would make DSU but i am short on ender pearls by the way i made two restone energy cells, one for the quarry and one for my own base. i know how to use the liquid transposser now hmm, what is the deep dark?
  3. hello friends i return after a long time i was busy with uni i just looked at curnirs quarry tutorial and made one was a bit tricky making the cyclic assembler for all those rocks but i managed
  4. well i dont have any slaves so pumps it is i have quite an amount of yellowrium and right now it feels like i'll never run out of power cause of that 4x4 reactor you had me built i thought the other dynamo would be more useful, i'll just leave this world and maybe comeback if i desperately need power
  5. guys while making random ages i found an age filled with liquifacted coal i think its used to power one of the dynamos is there a fast way to suck up all the liquid coal?
  6. ok, i will keep those commands in mind, you gotta break it anyway right now i was just checking out 1.8 and its new features. sphax has made a lot of changes to its texture pack, i like em also the sphax tekkit patch pack has just been update so u guys might wanna check it out http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/tekkit-t274.html they put in new textures for mine factory reloaded and something from EE3
  7. ok got it edit: should have made this thing earlier mined a lot of great stuff including 4 diamonds
  8. ^ oh man so i didnt need a laser at all... oh well, i'll use that recipe when i have to upgrade my AE storage ur right curunir, i better get around to doing that stuff i made a mining turtle since i was a bit low on diamond its fun seeing it mine i set it to tunnel 128 like you said bochen, but what do i do to stop it?
  9. the chips have finally been made! i set it up with a ME chest first like curunir sugested, i have a drive too but im gonna first get the hang of this thing before i use that i must say i am quite satisfied with it, storage is a lot more compact and crafting is a lot easier too, thanks a lot everyone especially botchen phew, that took a lot of work, im done for today by the way i dont need the machinist table now right? im gonna put it in storage
  10. alrighty, imma gonna but a hardened energy cell next to it soon right now i think im just gonna break the laser it stash it till i need it again well i do have a 4x4 reactor and it does produce loads and loads of energy edit: im back from mining by the way i found 6 diamonds! already crafted the drive and crafter all theres left is the controller and the 4k storage cell
  11. patience it is then boy this is really gonna take quite a while, only one chip made in all this time and i was checking the ME controller recipe and it requires a diamond chip! well time to mine again i think by the time im done mining the chips wouldve been made
  12. well that was lucky i found some diamonds already edit: was exactly one too edit: laser has been made seems like it takes a while to make the chips
  13. i have to get to making a quarry someday but i just keep running out of diamonds!
  14. thats helpful too i was thinking the laser right next to the table now i know you gotta put it above
  15. lasers eh? looks like it needs two diamonds i only have one, well time to mine
  16. thanks thats much simpler i'll make both a ME chest and drive if i can Curunir, i am thinking of replacing all my strong boxs with ME chests later so i needed to make something called a assembly table to make some crafting components like golden circuit costed me all my diamonds but i made it problem is i dont know how to power this thing, the redstone cable wont connect to it how do i power it?
  17. oh yeah and one more thing how do i get that tesseract thing? for the deep storage units and other stuff
  18. somehow the sacred rubber trees got auto planted on my tree farm, i tried removing them all and then checked again and there was a sacred sapling there again! no problem if their just regular rubber tree saplings with a different name though. how do i disable them? i dont have a ME network yet bochen, i checked a mod spotlight on the AE mod and that stuff is complicated and expensive, really awesome though but the amount of complication makes my head hurt
  19. well thats a relief is it a glitch? i mean the fake scared rubber trees? im gonna set up the rubber tree farm again those harvesters must have some big upgrades to cover such a massive area. would need a huge amount of strong boxes for freaking 2 million rubber wood/rubber etc! i'll try to find the real sacred rubber tree, i might plant in a age or something
  20. one more thing guys, i just made a rubber tree auto farm with a planter and a harvester and there was this strange scared rubber sappling that popped out sometimes it even auto planted it even though i only set it up to plant rubber sappling! so i searched about sacred rubber sapling and it was said it was something bad and spawned a huge tree so i used bone meal in creative on a sacred sapling and nothing happened for a while but suddenly a freaking gynormous tree grew! it was incredibly large! my jaw wouldve dropped if it could have i just replaced my rubber tree farm with
  21. yea, i already have a writing desk got a notebook too, put all the symbols in it cept the duplicates i have i'll read that up in time, i think im gonna explore some more random ages and get some more symbols first @pirate yeah ur right they are a lot of fun, i havent seen anything as crazy as ur saying but i have seen a snow world with brown sewege like water and the sun and the moon are out at the same time!!! i thought i would see an eclipse but they were slightly out of alignment, also there were random dark spots were mobs spawned a whole lot, at first i thought it was a sh
  22. guys i found a large amount of symbols from the libraries found two of em in a nice snow/sewage world of some kind i made 3 random ages, one was the snow/sewage world i mentioned, one was some decaying world with random explosions, and one was some underground place which had the void in open! almost fell in, glad i brought a jetpack i am wondering how to organize the symbols. they seem to be organized in creative in some notebooks
  23. thank you, i'll search for em immediately
  24. i followed that tutorial of bochens, also looked at that direwolf video so now i got a better nether teleporter, sweet i tested intra linking in creative, im gonna get it in survival when i have a secondary base or some place or something similar made an disctrictive book with just the link page and got a completely randomized age i tried a few ages and one of em was really weird! i think it had two yellowish suns, another had explosions randomly going on everything, was kinda scary so i need these symbols to make a stable age from what i saw in the video, i can get sy
  25. i dont know what a laser drill is but i'll keep in mind that it allows for emeralds to be mined mystcraft age? i dont know what your talking about but that age thing sounds awesome. i have gotten a power suit by the way. using it is a lot of fun. right now i just got the iron plating and faster walking i used the liquiduct with the servo to fix the problem it seems the pipes must be empty for the essence to go through but its okay cause the composter sucks it up quite quickly and then the essence can go to its drum yes drums seem to be a lot better then a tank, even if you
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