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  1. Initially I registered an account to speak to Jack, and I agree with Vlandox that this Club's worth it! Here's my appliation: 1. In my posession is an LPIC-3 Cert. I'm capable of performing maintenance tasks within the command line, install & configure a workstation and be able to configure adn administer small to medium sized mixed networks. My trade involved me being able to concept, architect, install and troubleshoot LDAP software and intergrate with Active Directory. Though such skillset isn't nescessarily needed to a great extend, I'm available to assist with any technical needs in the background. I haven't been directly involved to enforce rules as a moderator, but as one who's employed I do understand how to follow protocol and the ropes followed with work / staff / team ethics. 2. I'm advanced in both Tekkit Classic and Tekkit from the Technic Team. As well as Monster, Direwolf20, and Techworld2 from the Feed The Beast Team. It's safe to assume I'll be most familiar with what's in your pack. I'm capable of learning anything in addition to what knowledge I already possess. 3. At minimum, I can commit a good 4-7 hours per day; 4 days a week -- such may change when school's back in session. 4. I'm interested in becoming apart of a modpacked server. It is within my preferences that it's a start-out community with much potential to be apart in it's earlly development. Gentlemens Club is such that, but is also a unique novelty as Vlandox recomended. He and I are friends. 5. You already have my contact details : P
  2. Very nice! The water color adds to it's lucious beauty!
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