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  1. For now can we stay on topic. I can chose an os later. For now im setting up the server on my main computer. What plugins/mods do i need, how do i install them, and how to i set them up?
  2. JUst realized a price check would be usefull. In addition to the above features is it possible to create a chat command that lists the 5 cheapest shops to buy an item. Somthing like /pricecheck "item name"
  3. Ill install cent os in the dedicated machine although im seting up the server on my normal computer. Will i be able to move the server back and forth easily since they are both linux based?
  4. Im setting it up on my normal pc but will be moving it to a dedicated pc. Both run the same os and both are located in my home.
  5. Im new to minecraft servers. How would i set up the following features. Automatic saving, backups, and othe nessesary maintanence. Multiple diffrent zones (worlds with differnt seeds linked by teleporters) including one zone with building disabled. Mob difficulty (types mobs and buffs) increase farther from the center of each zone with base setting change able on a per zone basis. User generated teams/factions. User or team generated shops. A currency system. Designate certin areas as buildable and destroyable by users teams and all to prevent greifing and for gameplay. The abilty to reset all zones if nessesary but keep player inventory and data and an unlimed storage locker for users to use between resets. Set a maximim distance from the center of certin zones for players to travel. Disable pvp in specific zones. The abilty for factions to declare war removing any anti greifing measures but only in certin areas. If possible add portals between zones into world generator. Anything else importent to an open server that i left out. Zones are kind of like individual mystcraft worlds connected by portals exept there will only be 3-4 and will have properties i listed above. Im am running the latest big dig server on ubantu 14 desktop.