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  1. After the latest few posts have been gone over and accepted or not, we will probably stop taking applications. For the moment, the players whose applications have been accepted are as follows: agtrey5 flamehatdude Wolfe1810 salvatraversone LekidV2 KuddleBunni If you're in that group, you can find info like the IP and discuss the server over on reddit.com/r/endergate The server "owner" has yet to read any applications after those and inform me. jrbennett83 and TinkersKing90, we're hesitant about adding you guys because there is a small possibility of a reset within the next few mon
  2. Everyone else who has replied now has been accepted. Read my last post for misc info
  3. Wolfe, flamehatdude and agtrey: You've all been added to the whitelist. You can find the IP, rules and misc discussion on reddit at www.reddit.com/r/endergate Be sure to make an account so you can get involved in server discussion and decision making. Keep in mind that hardly any of the original 15-ish members spend very much time on the server at the moment due to other commitments or lack of motivation, so you guys will be part of what could be called a "reboot". To anyone else you wants to join, you can still apply, so go ahead. EDIT: I forgot to say, we're currently running the reco
  4. Well that's a shame, because I'm already a member of the server, which makes the task of applying completely unnecessary :/
  5. Hi. I'm part of a relatively small Attack Of The B-Team server. Lately the time spent by players on the server has been dwindling, so we're pushing to get a few more members so the $30 a month we pay for it is worth it. We had a world reset recently but not much progress has been made, so essentially, the world is relatively "fresh". The server is based in Seattle (NFO Servers) and runs on 3GB of RAM. If you'd like to play on Endergate, make a reply below stating your age, IGN, why you think we should let you play on the server and if you want, a brief description of your plans for builds
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