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  1. Well the good news is that I tested it a bit more and at least in terms of the dualwielding aspect of it the mod seems quite compatible.... well, sort of. When I say compatible, it wont crash or glitch because of other mods weapons, the reason being that any mod it doesnt seem to identify cannot be used in the dualwielding slots. Good news is that it can Identify some mods, such as the Bows from the Better Archery mod.
  2. Well it is directly compatible with Hexxit Beta so far at least, like I am able to just plug it in and it works fine, I havent done any extensive testing to see how it might interact with other mods, such as the zelda sword skills mod, the dual wielding could throw that off, or the more specialized and unique weapons/items may not work well if at all with the dual wielding, like hookshots, but my favorite feature by far is the shield+other weapon dual wielding, plus it has some other weapons with nice unique things about them, I would reccomend trying it out yourself, the mod page is here. Another one I was thinking about suggesting and I was about to try out was one of the ship mods, such as Archimedes ships, or the Beta ship mod (choosing one is pretty difficult as they both have some major pluses and downfalls.)
  3. I have always believed that no mod so deserved to be in Hexxit as much as one of the Mine and Blade mods. Specifically the only one updated to 1.6.4, Mine and blade 2: Bullseye. What does this mod do? It gives the player the ability to dualwield weapons, not to mention adding some variety to weapons that totally suit the spirit of Hexxit, such as spears, new kinds of arrows, and most of all an excellent shield system that allows the player to actuelly use the shield in one arm and a sword in the other. I think that this mod is all that Hexxit has ever needed to be complete, just the concept of dualwielding is something that belongs in an adventure pack such as this. I believe it should be compatible and have tested it out just fine on my machine.