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  1. I had it before, but now I can only find 64-bit java 8 and that wont run any regular packs. and 32 bit makes it so I cant download more packs
  2. wait. I need java 7 64 bit, but their is no such thing anymore. does the pack need to be updated then?? if their is can u post a link
  3. May I join. My IGN is pikminbozo10 Pretty lame name but I made if when I was ten. Most of my IGN are actully just splinterbee
  4. ingame name: pikminbozo10 how long ive played minecraft/b team: ive played minecraft since beta and b team for the past week or so how often I play a MC/B-Team: quite often. a lot on weekends and sometimes in the week age: 14 other information: never can find a good server that im content with. either to many people or a lot of banned items and stuff and I wanna play in a small friendly community I created my name when I was 10 so it really sucks. (this is back when I Loved pikmin) but I prefer to be called splinterbee. im planning on starting a dino lab
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