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  1. Is there any replacement for the Mekanism teleporter in Voltz 3.1.2? Cheers.
  2. My Zan's mini map has stopped showing enemies, players and animals, I've probably pressed a key that turns it off. The "M" key now opens the map showing the solar system, so how do you see keybind settings for the map now? I'm running voltz 3.1.2. Cheers.
  3. My bad you're correct, the dynamo won't connect directly to the side of the quarry even when hit with the wrench, you have to use redstone energy conduit to connect. Thanks for the help!
  4. I don't want to argue really, but it's what is happening for me. You can see from these shots: Resonant induction working: http://postimg.org/image/fgd2fkhmb/ TE RF not working: http://postimg.org/image/heosaogfn/
  5. I went into creative and had a play about with some of the new energy systems, turns out it now only operates on the energy from Resonant Induction in Voltz 3.1.2! I had tried connecting a compression dynamo (Checked it was working of course) directly and with extra utilities energy conduit but no joy. Also solar panels don't work in the rain Wut?? lol
  6. Anyone know how to power the quarry in 3.1.2, I've tried Thermal Expansion RF and it doesn't seem to work?
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