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  1. Well, damn. I know next to nothing about FTB.... Aw... There goes my underwater house and farm. I'd just gotten hops too.
  2. Since you asked. It's nothing major, just a small place. It'll eventually be in a dome made by an MFFS, but until then, it stands as is.
  3. My new house is underwater. Just off the coast of that jungle island, near the other houses built there
  4. Thanks. I've been meaning to check out his series on it, but wanted to play the game myself first in case of spoilers
  5. Well, I suppose I would be annoyed if I had to rebuild that massive castle from scratch, after doing so 3 times already. He said it took him 3.5 hours to build one of the towers, and he was using creative to do it then EDIT Just to avoid multiple posts, I'll just edit here. I may be offline for the next couple of days, or I may visit intermittently, got a couple of things for christmas keeping me busy (mostly XCOM) so, yeah. Don't ban me for lack of activity
  6. Just a heads up, I may not be online much today, if at all. It's Sunday, and one of the few days me and my bro get together to do stuff (mostly games). Just figured I'd let you know
  7. Age: 24 IGN: Sepheris Have I ever been banned: Nope, clean record. Why I think I should join: I've played through many iterations of Technic and Tekkit so I'd like to think I've got a strong grasp of most of the mods. I've grown bored of single player and have been playing around on servers in the past, and found I like the smaller communities, feels like there's more room and I find it easier to get along with a smaller crowd. I'm always willing to lend a hand (if I'm not occupied already at least), and teach what I know should someone need help. Why you should except me: Reading this, I couldn't help but think it seems very similar to the above question, just worded differently. Beyond what I've provided, I'm not sure what else to say. I've never been banned, ran a couple of servers in the past for me and a few friends which turned out okay, until they lost interest atleast. I've been a mod a couple of other small servers (actually Vanilla servers, but the thought should count), and, like I said, I've never been banned (that I know of). Have I read and studied the rules: Of course. Especially since I wouldn't like to be banned (though it's mostly common sense really) What I will do for the server: Hmmm... Choices... I'd likely set up a small operation that would use underground quarries to mine for me. I'd feed it all into a sorting machine that would place everything where it belongs. I'd likely expand it to smelt all ores and produce anything I may need, from bars, to iridium plate to circuits and machine blocks. Any while that is automated, I may set up a farm to try and produce various crops with the end goal being a brewery Also, I couldn't access the forum link in the first post. It seems to time out (well, my browser claims it can't connect)
  8. Yeah, was going to say, there's a recruitment thread in the LP section. But regardless, I'd be happy to join. Not sure if I can record, will have to give it a test.
  9. Looking like a good series so far. Is there a reason you chose to play on Tekkit as opposed to Technic?
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