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  1. Hello! I tried to make my own modpack (1.5.2, yes it has to be 1.5.2 because I use the mod 'better than wolves') a couple of hours ago and have one, big problem: Everytime I start the mod, its only the vanilla version. Its like forge is not identified by the launcher or something like that. What I did: I made a folder which includes a bin, a config and a mods folder. Then I made a modpack.jar in the bin folder and put forge inside it. Then I put the mods inside the mods folder, which should be correct. Then, after I packed it as a zip file I uploaded it to dropbox, the mod loads, starts but its only vanilla. where is the problem? where is my mistake? And yes, I used the universal Version of forge. thanks for the help and sorry for my english, its not my native language.