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  1. We now offer the ability to toggle PVP on and off at the player level, join us today! :]
  2. You and your friends were caught chest shop exploiting and were banned from the server. You shouldn't be allowed to play on anyone's server. IGN: ilovesandqt, ilovesandqt1, sandqt.
  3. Sorry, server was recently undergoing some maintenance, you shouldn't have any problems connecting now. We only allow mystcraft linking books to be used for travel, the other features of the mod are disabled.
  4. Recent Updates: - Multiple player towns for anyone to join and live in. - Player run chest shops. - Ability to buy / sell claim blocks. - 400 starting GP claim blocks + 50 an hour. - Multiple ages for players to explore and mine. - Friendly staff online daily to help players.
  5. Modpack: TPPI Version : 1.1.2a Server IP: Dreamcrft.com Website: www.dreamcrft.com Notes: - Survival server set to hard mode. - PVP Disabled in overworld. - Griefing not allowed in overworld. - Keep inventory is off, players do have access to /back though (3 sec timer). Server Specs: Dual Xeon E5-2620 Processor 6GB of DDR3 ECC RAM Samsung SSD 1 Gbps connection About Us: We are a small community that recently switched over from tekkit main to TPPI and loving it! Server is still under development, we are working to improve things on a daily basis. Server is adult owned and managed.
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