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  1. and yes that is wrong my friend Kriptic stole the diamonds and he attacked us with his dragon so I had no choice anyway.
  2. Recently I was unbanned because of asparrow10 had lamed for something I did not do ut now he has taken all of my things because our chests were locketted with our names on it. He took everything (everything) and hid it and will not give it back he said he would give back half ut I got everything for myself I am reporting him because well I want my stuff back and he is aggravating me. he also has threatened to report me for something ut I have done nothing I hope you see this and think about.
  3. now he is telling me he wanted me banned and took all of my things so yea WHY AM I BANNED? (not trying to be harsh just saying)
  4. Hi my name is borncamper I was banned recently for a fraud reason. My friends and I were playing and we were messing around and my friend asparrow10 was freaking out and reported me. He had threatened me by saying he was going to report me and apparently he did so yea we are friends. We also returned everything we had supposedly took and he demanded more after. Today we were playing together and as I was coming on the server I saw I was banned. He had told me this and I wanted to clarify everything and I hope to come back on.
  5. in game name: borncamper How long have i played mc/bI have played for 1 year now. How often do i play mc/b-team: I play 10 15 times a month or so. age: I am 14 years old almost 15. Other information: I love the game and hope to play with my friends on the server. Also i am friendly and love to meet new people.
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