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  1. IGN: deusswe Age: 25 Why I want to join: mli7 and I have been searching for a good server for a while now and since she's in you're going to need me to stop her from hoarding all the resources Also I do build some of the wierdest stuff possible!
  2. IGN: deusswe First Name: Mattias Skype: Have it but never use it. Age: 25 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I enjoy the simple things in life, killing pigs with snowballs, building traps for mli7 and building huge, unconventional houses that look horrible and unpractical but somehow they still tickle my fancy (Also don't expect me to ever build with material from the Nether, that place just hates me)! It'd be nice to get to do these glorious things on a server that isn't filled to the brim with people who steal and troll all day.
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