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  1. ok sry for asking. but ive playing Tekkit Lite every day and so i come here to ask. But i see that questions like this not desired here. Sry i will nver ask agian. it is a pity that is so thought here! bye @ll here i will never came back for any questions! and @ll admins: i hope in future all of u will get friendlyier to ppl who ask an question like this!!!!
  2. Yes i mean Tekkit Lite but why u ask? We in the Tekkit Lite Discussion Forum!!!!!! I know its not longer updated but i hope that someone can take a look at the mods and can do a Tekkit Lite modpack within these mods iam talking abut!! Maybe the Authors of TKL read this Topc and think yes its an great idea and do this for all of us!
  3. Was du machen kannst das du per Filter oder ähnlichem Item die kiste leeren lässt und mit einer redstonepipe (glaube die war das) für jedes item nen signal an einen computer senden lässt der dies zählt! wüsste jetzt auch nicht genau wie man das sonst machen könnte derzeit!
  4. Iam was wondering why some mods not included at this moment. Iam testing on my Homeserver to include new moda in the standard TKL mod, and find some mods they can be intristing. Mods like "usefullfoods" or "LATL". One mod will be nice but iam not an advanced modder so ive problems to integrade it (RoadWorks). I hope the modowners of TKL will integrade these 3 mods. It will be nice. With special Thanks Kimahri