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  1. i am sorry it is a habit to sign my name :/ i have read the rules tho also i'm updating this pack to 1.6.2 since most of the mods only go that far and for now i just want it to have some updated stuff im thinking about also adding in thaumcraft but i don't know since that's not an official mod in the pack but i do think a small mod like archemedes ships just because i think it would be much better to have transportation in the mod if you disagree let me know i am working as fast as i can im hoping to finesh updating by tuesday but ill keep yea posted
  2. To those of Technic I Lordpickleboy will start working on updating the bigdig pack to as recent as i can hoping 1.7 but i don't know if i can but if a mod cant be updated ill find a similar one or update one myself if you have a problem with me doing so please email me at [email protected] i will make sure i let you know when its fineshed -*snip*