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  1. IGN: ryujiikami Age: 15 Why? Because i get bored of playing single player and other servers are not friendly Skype: Raymond Simpson Country? U.S.A What i do best: resource gathering and most importantly building with mcroblocks please pm me on skype not the forums
  2. Ign: ryujiikami First name: Raymond or RJ Skype: Raymond Simpson Age: 15 Paragraph that happens to be important: I need a server that i can just get on during the weekends, make a beautiful house, and not have to come back next weekend to find dirt genitalia in its place with a sign saying 'u fuckin suck at building loser' I hope to find that here and if not than i will be sad ;-;. In the server i will likely just build detailed structures for whomever wants one and resource collect for whomever needs resources. If you cant find my skype text me at 1 307 220 6174. As for myself, i am a wel
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