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  1. I keep crashing when joining the server. Is it possible to Just reset the server? Please do not reset me I have a huge amount of machinery in my inventory.
  2. Ingame name: Seth5626 How long you have played mc/b-team: Minecraft for about 5 years, B-Team about a week. How often you play mc/b-team: When I get a chance, when Im not working. 3+ times a week. Country: USA Age: 18 Other information: Not sure what to give.
  3. Is the server down? I tried to get on at 11:58 Am NE. Edit: 9:47 PM NE Server was up I connected and got Connection refused. Edit: 9:48 PM NE Sever was shown as being active Same as above. Assuming someone crashed it for a reason and the owner is fixing it. Edit: 10:00 PM NE The server has survived the plague of reseting. My the land reign with glorious creations.
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