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  1. My Application... IGN- TJdickens (being changed as soon as the name change update is released) Age- 15 Why do you want to join- I love attack of the B team and modpacks in general. My friends however do not. I am looking for a small server with good people and no banned items, pluggins etc, much like the cube/ mindcrack... just modded I would like to experience the modpack with an awesome server, and awesome people, so I hope you will accept me! I am fine with cussing, although I do not cuss myself it does not offend me. Skype- Terrydickens_ (if this does not work try Someone Alive, my profile picture is a MC horse ) Country- North America (North Carolina) What do you consider yourself best at in MC- Well I really enjoy building and think i am getting better. I also like figuring out mods as I play and finding new mods as i play. Thank you for hosting a server, I really hope you will allow me to join! You can add me on skype or reply here or really anything Thanks again! ~ TJdickens
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