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  1. Hey guys GM Gaming here i need some help from you guys! i am working on a attack of the b team server! i need Builders really bad and staff as well! along with a web developer please apply for the whitelisted server thats soon to come! These are our open position and will be glad to pick anyone up who is able and willing to take on the responsibilities -Application form- Name(not required)= Username= Age(not required)= Knowledge of modpack(1-10)= Familiarity of Server-side commands(1-10)= Availability= *(hours you can be on daily, or how many days a week you can be on)* Experience(Must be Active servers)= Strengths(Anything you consider a strength)= Weaknesses(Anything you consider a weakness..Even chocolate)= Can you attend weekly staff meetings over skype= Skype Name(So i can contact you)= [You may also PM me the name, for privacy] Why you want to be a builder, staff , web developer. Good luck to everyone ---- CraftyGames
  2. Ingame name: nl_blizzard How long you have played mc/b-team: roughly 3 minutes or so. How often you play mc/b-team: im going to start playing as much as i can. countless hours per day. Country: USA Age: 20 Other information: Prior military service. im chill and not annoying.
  3. New Server Obviously. New to ATOBT. Need Players. Server Ip: Skullbitches.mcpro.co
  4. normally my plugins work but i just installed attack of the b team and the plugins arnt working at all? what do i do?
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