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  1. IGN - TheHollowManMC. My skype's the same. Feel free to add me and contact me
  2. IGN: TheHollowManMC AGE: 14 Why do you want to join: I only play b-team on hardcore SSP and have a bunch of cool stuff; but I noticed that some mods (E.G Witchery) are better on multiplayer, so I would like to join a small community to make some friends and have fun showing each other our ideas =D Skype: thehollowmanmc Country: Colombia (Sorry if I mistype stuff) What do you consider yourself best at in Minecaft: I don't suck, but I'm horrible at building. So, my main ability in Minecraft is modpacks. I love modpacks, and if I see a mod I don't know, I actually do my resear
  3. In-game name: TheHollowManMC Time playing MC/B-team: Minecraft I have played since 1.4 and B-team since the day it was out actually. How often do you play: I play b-team every single day on my hardcore SSP, but would like to switch to SMP. Country: Colombia (Sorry if I have bad english!) Age: 14 Other information: Might try to do some technical stuff but I will remove it if you ask me to.
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