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  1. hello pretty much a newbie and im not good at bigdig and i need help with getting on feet. im 13 and a girl and plz no fooling around i just want skype. and maybe if you have other nice friends would be great, just message me back or add me on skype.. no peddofile or perv plz.. you know what just send me a messege;)
  2. i would really wanna play but i dont know what it is or if its safe to doenload im talking about hamachi im a sort of newbie:/ but i feel reall y lonely playing my self so pls just skypoe:))
  3. i wanna play with you but not in hamachi i dont want that and i dont even know what it is we can use skype please thanks
  4. i want to play with you but i dont have hamachi and i just want to do skype if thats cool it would be fun and im 13 and mature enough..
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