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  1. Professor_TheFox, Sprinter35 you have been added to the whitelist. i apologize for the late reply. please head to the website for more details there. ~ forum moderators, i request a move in my thread to a more on catergory for my forum post, or locking this thread. i have since switched to a more stable modpack. thank you.
  2. Dragonmaster179: added to whitelist, welcome Stormstar13: added to whitelist, welcome there is some bugs in the system, just be patient with us, we are still a new system. but you may log in whenever, claim a plot or go explore. metropia is now your home
  3. first posted, edited, and updated to accept new whitelist members, staffing is done and spawn, permissions, etc. are in place. bumping for update. thanks.
  4. For those interested in the server, we have since switched hosts, modpack, new world, and fresh server start. for more info, please see the website and apply there if still interested. WEBSITE: http://empiremetropia.enjin.com/home http://empiremetropia.enjin.com/forum/viewforum/5060785/m/24681132
  5. I am actually having the same problem. im not sure whats going on.
  6. IGN: glittertoxin First Name: pixel Skype: pixelghostmachine Age: 29 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I am a 3d modeller, digital artist, game designer, mod designer, texture designer, pixel artist, animator, organic sculptor, cook, musician, and huge gamer I found attack the b-team on the technic launcher, and after countless weird mod packs, this one was alright. Had things like chisel mod, furniture mod, flans mod, etc. i think the only thing missing out of it, is cars, or else i would be off making a city by n
  7. id change up your spawn brother. i checked out your server,. sadly, it took me 10 minutes just to get to the outside of your spawn point due to the water, and no land around.
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