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  1. I kind of like teaming if anyones up for it (only applys if my application is accepted)
  2. Ign: duncandesire Age 13 What are you going to build: I plan on making a space center and some real big farms for the server
  3. also forgot to add been playing tekkit since beta and tekkit since it came out too again thank u for looking at my application
  4. IGN : duncandesire contact : skype: Sion Sullivan (im a kid with a white background) steam : duncandesire1 age : im 13 yes i have a mic reason i wanna join : I hate the bigger servers u always get griefed and have people swearing at u.Im looking for a nice server with good owners and a good and kind community.I do not grief or swear. if u accept thank u soooooooooo much!!!!!!!! (lol) if not thanks for looking at my application and if i join see u in game
  5. IGN: duncandesire I want to join because i hate those large servers because u always get grifed so im looking for a small community of nice players. I play the rules off i wont grief,swear or punch a single tree in players land without there perm. thanks u so much for the chance to try and get in if i dont get in thanks for looking at my application. my Skype is: Sion Sullivan,Cardiff kid with a white backround