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  1. I set up a server not so long a go and I have tried to put plugins on it but they never worked can somebody help me?
  2. The server will be down all day tomorrow I am sorry but I am traveling to family I do not know when it will be back up but It will be on the next day
  3. To join the server you will have to have log me in Hamachi. The server is up most of the time and if you are having trouble getting on to the server then add me on Skype and I will try to help you out. And at this moment in time there are no plugins I am still trying to put them in so bear with me. There are 9 slots left on the server and one its full I will make more networks. The server ip: hear are the network ids for log me in Hamachi all the passwords are the same: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ id: BigDigserver#1 pass: 123 ~~~~~~~~
  4. LogMeIn Hamachi required Add Me On Skype to find out how to join because the hamchi space are changing quite a lot and at the moment we are punting to a vote if we should put the server in to big dig so add me on Skype and i will explain everything on how to get on My Name Is : erogan2002 with a family guy pick so come and join it is free for all.
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