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  1. MIne Sims combines decocraft, Simukraft, and Traincraft into an epically fun and easy to play mod. I HOPE THIS IS BETTER MODS ....smh http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/minecraftsims http://gamerfacetime.com
  2. It would be nice if I could find the Potluck page....
  3. It's a lot of fun making a world of trains. You can build from village to village setting up supply routes and making epic train stations. I have been playing this mod personally for a long time. In my pack I have all of the 70 mods working. Its pretty epic seeing a line of trains build on a mud brick foundation.
  4. The three member Hero212Hero team has just added a new modpack. We initially wanted to get 70+ mods configured and working, but are unable to at this time. With 26 mods all based on Trains (Traincraft) this mod is sure to please. Check for updates as we will continue to work through the bugs and get to our goal of 70 mods. Link to the project, modpack, and more at http://www.kittenwar.com/
  5. My kids love minecraft = as do I. The only problem is that they do not have the focus or patience required to play an epic survival modpack. In order to combat this problem, I put together this pack to help save time so they can get to the good stuff without going straight to creative. A modpack that I would like people to check out. It has 110 total mods, and is kind of an easier version and hybrid of some other Epic modpacks. I found a way to get MCA (minecraft comes alive) to work with Tconstrust, MoVilliges, buildcraft, veinminer, and pam's harvestcraft -not to mentoin thaumcraft and a ho
  6. I just put together this modpack My website has more information . http://gamerfacetime.com/ Epic Legend of the Hero is an absolutely huge and awesome modpack. Build a farm and plant hundreds of crops, use the crops to create delicious meals…..Not enough?? Then find a girlfriend/boyfriend and get married. Then have a few kids. ((( URL for the Launcher http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/epic-legend-of-the-hero ))) Agriculture Mod BiblioCraft Binnie Mods Blood Magic Carpenter’s Blocks ChickenChunks CodeChickenCore CoFHCore DeadlyWorld Enchiridion Evoc Extra Cells E
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