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  1. Do updates count as more Downloads? Or is it only the initial installation that counts? I ask this because I want to know if dividing Runs by Downloads is an accurate way to calculate plays per install. (In other words, the rate a player sticks around.)
  2. 2.6.8 Now, you have your fix, BOOM! (Maybe I've been playing too much Skylanders...) - Removed Barrels Mod. In short it was using an older Forge version. (This update is coming really really soon, like in 10 minutes, just posting ahead of time.)
  3. 2.6.7 - Updates and custom map making! + Added Barrels Mod + Added Backpacks Mod + Added Custom NPCs. Surprise! (Only decent PCs should use this, it can be a resource hog.) + Added Forge Multipart. You can now make adventure maps with this pack effectively! - Removed Better Storage, redundancy. * Updated Universal Coins * Updated Minecraft Forge to 1448 * Updated Zelda Sword Skills * Updated Lycanite's Mobs to (I don't want configs reset, I want to know what configs reset before updating to the latest version.) You might want to re-do your NEI item sets, as adding new mods could shuf
  4. 2.6.6 - Config changes/Mod Update * Updated Zelda Sword Skills * Configured Lycanite's Mobs to spawn a tiny, tiny bit more (0.125 instead of 0.1) * Configured Mob Events to last longer (800 instead of 600) In other news we hit 300+ downloads! Quite a feat!
  5. There isn't much to say here as most of the info you'd want to know is found at the Modpack page, found here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/testing-modpack-of-snerg-perg.484898 (I know, strange link name, but that's what I called it at first and I got a couple likes so I kept it.) And when I say 25+ mods, I mean 25+ mods that add stuff to the game. (Not core mods) So, if you have any issues to report, questions to ask, or mods that you think should be added, feel free to reply here! There are currently three mods that have to be manually installed due to permissions, they aren't absolut
  6. I probably won't update this post anymore, for it is a pain and people don't really check it anyway. I have added Invasion mod and UtilityMobs. For future updates just check the Modpack page.
  7. I have made a working Modpack, at first it was just a testing Modpack, so that's why the link has a strange name, I have no idea how to change the name. This pack was made with low-spec computers in mind, making this run really well but still have the adventure you desire. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/testing-modpack-of-snerg-perg.484898 At that link you will find the mod list, the permissions, and pretty much everything you need to know about it. But here's the basic just of it: Zelda Sword Skills Battlegear 2 Dungeon Pack Smart Moving Roguelike Dungeons (Note tha
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