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  1. v1.20 is out! This is the last update for 1.6.4. Worlds are not likely to be forwards compatible to v2.00. When v2.00 comes out, around January, MAKE BACKUPS!!!
  2. MCAdventureCity's Mega Pack is a Modpack made for my youtube channel. I published It a while ago but am now preparing to update to 1.7.10, with only 1 more version left for 1.6.4, I would like you to play around with it, and tell me what you would like to be added to the pack. And yes, I will be removing OreSpawn and replacing it with something that is more balanced when the 1.7.10 release comes out. I just released version 1.15 today, which added MystCraft and the Twilight Forest. Thanks for your time, MCAdventureCity (legomaps) P.S. We do not currently have Solder.
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