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  1. when i don't have anything in my hand , i am trying to break dirt block but it's not working,when i am holding Left mouse button it's only deals one hit, when i'm holding Diamond Axe it's breaking but in 1 sec it's returns to it's place, so i really don't know what can i do my friend
  2. Hello all. how ya doing? well i have big problem in great modpack Attack of the B team. my RAM is 4 GB i have 32 Bit Operating System So i can't attack fast, when i am holding Left Mouse Button it's only doing one hit. only one. also i can't break blocks, i can break them in Creative only , but in Survival nothing works. so if you guys had this problem too and if you found some solution/fix of it, please reply in this post and let me know what kinda of issue is that. Hope you'll answer fast because i really want to play it <3 P.S Sorry for my bad English <3 Edit 1: Sorry if i'm breaking Forum Rules but i really need your help guys :3
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