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  1. ​Agreed! I love talking to the people I'm playing with, makes it much more enjoyable than typing, especially when cave exploring or monster fighting or building.
  2. ​Yes it's nice to have staff who also play the game too, it feels like it puts more weight on their advice as they have actual in-game time playing so they know what they're talking about
  3. Really enjoying my Myst, but ClearLag keeps saying it's removing 1k entities, please check your quarries to make sure they aren't spilling D:
  4. My MAC is full of patterns again >.< Time to expand, glad voting gives me enough money to go to the shops which are reasonably enough priced I can buy the upgrades I need. Awesome, thanks
  5. I was very impressed but how the moderators and admins handled the trolls they had today. I found them to be very reassuring to the players and they dealt with the matter very well. Kudos to a job well done, glad to know not much can get their spirits down
  6. ​Harvester, Planter, & Fertilizer I believe is what is needed for a rubber tree farm (or any farm for that matter). Remember to have your diamond transport pipes so you can have things properly sort to either be stored, or cycled back into the planter
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