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  1. Iv about automated everything now and i'm selling most of my stuff, to be honest I think i'm about ready to start a fresh. but before I do i'm going to make a JAFFA FACTORY! (cake factory)
  2. Got 4 more mineing lasers... think i went a little too far lol, iv been selling tons of stuff (using the auction plugin) even enderium! the only thing i havnt got much of is yellorium :/ if anyone wants to swap some stuff for it then be my guest xD
  3. Started to help an old friend today who came on the server, I think he is very pleased with the resources and the help i have given him and I have also upgraded my reactor and my other various ways of getting power to make my mining laser faster.
  4. I haven't been able to play on the server much this week because iv been really busy but its good to see that the higher staff understand my situation and are OK with it. I should be back to normal if not even more active next week!
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