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  1. And now Attack of the B-Team won't load. I click play, it'll load up, and then nothing. It acts like it did none of the downloading

    Anyone with ANY idea on wtf is going on????!!!!!!

  2. Still running into the same problems with hexxit since I last posted. It starts to generate a new world but won't load past the first stage of the loading screen which is "Converting world". Anyone know what is going on with it???!!! Because it's forcing all the sanity out of me, and I don't have a lot to begin with.


    1. Portaddict74482


      Also I'm running into extreme lag with almost all the packs. The test one is expected because of how many mods are in that one, and the hack slash mine and tekkit lite packs I don't really care for, and big dig doesn't look fun at all, so that just leaves voltz (has next to nothing), hexxit (problems there), tekkit, and Attack of the B-team. Anyone got suggestions to fix the lag issues?


    2. Portaddict74482


      Scratch Tekkit off the list. it's fine.


    3. Portaddict74482


      Same with Voltz because it runs fine, it's just plain out boring

      That only leaves Attack of the B-team apart from hexxit.

      Anyone got ideas on how to fix them/the lag?


  3. Ignore my last post. it's working for me now

  4. Anyone got any idea what's going on with the launcher? i can't seem to download it :P

  5. Just plain out bored :P

  6. Restless and nervous about alot of things. :/

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