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  1. Ok that's pretty big but I don think it is big enough because I want to have like a village inside sorry
  2. Ok but I am probably gonna be in 1.6.4 also I am not sure if the mega rubber tree is the sacred rubber tree because when I went in creative I found out there are two sacred rubber saplings 1 is a mini version of the sacred rubber sapling (which I will probably chose for my base) and 1 that is enchanted and it is the full version Well couple of things 1. Is that I tried spawning in the sacred rubber tree on a flat world in 1.7.10 with a couple of mods and it didn't even crash my game I have a 32 bit pc so I can only imagine what it will be when I am on a normal world with tekkit The reason why I want a sacred rubber tree as my base because it is so big it can make a awesome tree house out of it
  3. I wanna make a sacred rubber tree as my base (yes I know how big and I know how to use it and what it is) but I got a question how do you get a sacred rubber tree sapling I looked on a website and it said "This sapling can be optained by Jungle generated structures' chests or right-clicking a rubber sapling with bone meal" I don't wanna go looking for a jungle structure and I tried right clicking bone meal to a rubber sapling and it didn't work so how do you get a sacred rubber tree sapling?