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  1. Now that you say it, woks Thank you Another good step forward in the travle to space
  2. I have one quick question: Do we have any mod in this pack, wherewe can transform EU (the energy from Industrial Craft 2) to RM (the energy from Galacticraft)? I have a bigger energy setup for IC2 already, but dont want tp start with the basic generators of GC now againand waste more energy.
  3. Guess i confuesed a bit, sorry, english isnt my native language. I modded my normal 1.7.10 minecraft with LiteLoader with WorldEDitCUI, Shaders and Forge with Optifine, but it took me about 4 days to get this to work. What i wanted to say with this was: I am not that good with instaling mods. So i need an kinda easy way, to get working. Version does not care, but i clearly have no idea how to fit all these mods into one jar/game at the same time. PS: looked at your Modpack, looks cool on first sight, but i dont know all the mods. So i will try it later, lets see if i can go along with it.
  4. Hey guys, first of all, i am new here and not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to post this. If this is the wrong place, please move it. Now to my actual question. I played all of the bigger modpacks, but like every time there are some Mods missing for me in some packs and some mods i dont like in the packs. I would love to play a mod pack with Galacticraft (and maybe the addon with the new planets), the IC2 Mods, Buildcraft, Dimensional doors (best not the version of Tekkit, because you get portet way too easy, liked Hexxit there more), Thermal expansion, Minefactory and maybe even some dungeons. Overall Tekkit Lite with whole Galacticraft and a small part of Hexxit. But i failed to find a modpack like this, and have no idea, how to creat such a huge mod pack on my own. Does a mod pack like this exist? Or is there a way I, as someone who was happy he made LiteLoader with WorldEditCUI with Shaders and Forge + Optifine working in one jar, can create such a mod pack? Any help would be nice Greetings RC_8015