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  1. I am unsure whether my issue falls under Bug reports category, but I could't find a more proper one. My issue is that tekkit classic, for me, runs a lot slower on a 2016 laptop than on a 2004-old pc (if I remember correctly).I am generally playing on a world with quite much everything concerning machines built (it is truly a bit laggy world) and I cannot make a server for my friends (thing which I intend to do) beacause of this and RAM allocation also. The specs come as following.The laptop (4gb ram -- of wich 3 are assigned to tekkit -- APU A8-6410 Quad-Core with R5M330) and the pc (2gb ram Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+). Thank you!
  2. I am quite happy to hear this, but yet, my launcher yields an error when I try to play it. Should I quit?
  3. So, this is it. I deleted fpsplus, tmi and extrafood, and yet, the launcher yields another error, should I paste it here?
  4. I figured it out. I searched for extrafoods on the net and everything I saw there was quite unknown to me.I never saw those in my actual game. Why? It wasn't loaded by the game, I always suspected it, but judging by how many food addon mods I have, I may have lost it. Deleting it.
  5. I will check the next report after this deletion. For me, TMI was incredibly buggy, and I wouldn't bother fixing it, I would rather delete it, I saw it is pretty unpopular in modpacks.Fps-plus fell, so, I will check extrafoods. Thank you again, I am returning in ten minutes with the answer.
  6. Also, I deleted fps-plus, as the report said.
  7. I know.Especially monolith expansion.Flan's one always did problems but It ran. Millenaire, I was sure.I once deleted it and I was surprised to see it still running in my game, I knew it, thank you! Deleting it right away. Is there anything else I need to know?
  8. Please list me the mods for 7.2. And, details. I am very, very sure I have every mod dependency.I know some mods are for 1.7.2, but in normal gameplay they work normally, and never gave me errors like most 1.7.10 mods did.I will delete them, to be sure. I will check. Also, this was my first mistake.I didn't knew it had to be the universal version, my apologies.
  9. So, I did exactly everything you stated. After finishing downloading, the launcher closes as launching the game, the console gives up some long crash report and the launcher is back with the 'play' button. Help?!
  10. Does the modpack.jar have to also contain the assets/meta-inf/net folders?
  11. Thank you for being this friendly, I highly appreciate it. Here it should be .http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/the-vaktovian-expansion-pack And the pack page is here. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-vaktovian-expansion-pack.530553
  12. I appreciate the fact you are still trying to help me, despite my 'noobishness'. I am still quite unsure how to do it.
  13. And also, I updated the modpack to a .zip and I get the error where the launcher says it gets an error while unzipping it.Any solution?
  14. Oh well, my first mistake is that I had absolutely no idea what to put in the modpack jar, and as such..well, I messesd up. This would be it for the modpack, thank you! really, thank you! Yet one of my two greatest problems (one being this) persists, please, if you wish to help me further, visit this blog. Thank you.
  15. One error is for the technic launcher while one another is for the modpack itself (game). May I get help now?
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