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  1. Yeah amon same here the thing is he has the backups but he restarts it so we can get mad and he has a reason to ban us but he can use crative i saw him do it before.
  2. @The_ace2 Its funny how u ban me for asking one question and u ask the question many time i can easily spot how u cheated since u have a enchanted sword and those dont drop and u dont have bookshelfs to make one, u showed yourself in creative mode, then u ban tropicraft from everyone but u and malik, u restart the world because your floor is missing but dont worry u can go creative mode to get your stuff back but everyone else has to get it manually, world 1 crashed by u,world 2-4 not good spawn world 5 u crashed world 6 your dumb floor is missing world 7 no fate yet. Then u freaking lose my dragon egg and u also greif u act like u dont but u do world 6 i lost 1k diamonds because of the restart but u can easily go creative and get the stuff then u call me stupid, cuss me out, cal me dickhead all because i said sunday is first day of the week. Accuse me of stealing delete my stuff finds out i didnt do nothing, ban me for asking 1 question when u asked to use my stuff to plenty of times, but what about when your friend malik(who u gave creative to) asks to uses your stuff oh wait he gets to use it. You both dont hide the cheating very well i see why sub quit and got mad i was a fool to even consider coming back on your dumb server because u dont follow the rules even when your the one who made it i have more but i wait till your reply.
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