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  1. World of Kings. IP: Welcome to the World of Kings post, we are trying to become a big TPPI server and we need your help with it. The server is hosted on a dedicated server we own and is 99% lag free. This server is trying to prioritize the players and not staff members. We are always trying to improve our server and community. This can only be done if you tell us what we can improve. The spawn: The server has a small spawn, but we have a storyline: Your spaceship has crashed and you are one of the few survivors. Your initial goal is to rebuild your society. The start is rather primitive, compared to what you are used to. But along the line you put in your knowledge and start rebuilding society. This storyline will keep expanding, but the players decide what happens to it. I hope you found this post enjoying and we hope to see you on the server soon! The World of Kings team.